Elite Force 1911 TAC Airsoft Pistol Review

Although I didn’t mention this last week, this week I will be reviewing the Elite Force 1911 TAC.

Starting with the externals.

The build is completely made of metal besides the grip plates, the trigger, and both safeties. This gun has a 14mm CCW (counter clockwise) threaded tip that you can attach any mock suppressors or silencers (or in my case a tracer unit). On the underside of the slide there is a four slot, picatinny rail to attach any flashlights or lasers that fit on a picatinny rail.

There are two different safeties on this pistol. The first is the thumb safety, which is ambidextrous. The second is the grip/beaver tail safety. Which is also ambidextrous. I really like this, because you don’t have to mess with the thumb safety. Instead, all you have to do is just grip the gun and the safety goes off and when you let go it turns back on.

There’s not much in the internals part that I know about so I’m not going to write on that.

Chrono Test

In my test I was getting around 305 FPS with a 0.25g BB.

Final thoughts.

The mag capacity is 17 BBs instead of the 14 rounds that they said it held. Also I got the 27 round extended mag that holds 30 rounds instead of 27 rounds. Overall this gun is one of the best pistols out there, even though it is so popular. It is also run off of CO2, so that is wonderful.

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