Teenairsofter Custom Gun Review Part 2

Continuing from last week.

The next item that I want to write about is the outer barrel. This comes in four different lengths–265mm, two 140mm pieces, and a 35mm piece. Surprisingly this only costs $35 and is worth every penny spent on it.

The pistol grip on this gun is the PTS Magpul MOE pistol grip and is very comfortable. This costs $35 as well. The mag holds 130 rounds and looks too small to hold that many rounds. $10 is the price on this item.

Moving to the front.

I have mounted to the front of this gun a 10″ free float RIS rail system. Attached to the rail system is a Ncstar bipod and normal foregrip. On the barrel itself I have mounted a Lancer Tactical tracer unit that I want to use in my next airsoft game.

Going all the way to the stock.

The stock and buffer tube are the 6mmProshop CTS stock and buffer tube. All of these items were bought online at Evike, except the bipod, foregrip, and tracer unit. Those were from Airsoft Station.

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The header picture is of the Teenairsofter Custom airsoft gun.
P.S. None of my airsoft group has seen this gun, so you guys are the first to see the Teenairsofter Custom airsoft gun!

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