August 19th gameplay part 2

This week I will be finishing the gameplay that I started last week.

So the gameplay was the “Full-auto Guy” and me against everyone else.

Previously that day I had built a sniper tree fort that I built in about 20 minutes. At the beginning of the game I went to said fort and waited for some people to show up in my range of view. Two people ended up in my crosshairs and I shot at them–but missed because I was too far away.

After that I climb down the tree because they saw me and were headed my direction, so I decided to move. Some time after that my gun, the Lancer Tactical LT- 102T, broke. Like the gears in the gearbox were stripped. So I load up the rest of my pistol mags and head out with just my pistol. Me and the “Full-auto guy” end up losing.

But I did get to use his Elite Force H8R or “Hater”.

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