Eye pro and face mask review

So this week I will be reviewing a new part of my loadout.

The first is the Lancer Tactical CA-203B airsoft safety goggles with black frames. This pair of goggles comes with three different colored lenses. The first lens is clear, the second is yellow, and the third is smoke. Switching the lenses is a pain because the goggles didn’t come with instructions to change them, so I had to figure it out. This pair of goggles has poor vents in it so they fogged up even with anti-fog spray in it. 😦 The way I fixed this was spitting in my goggles, rubbing it around, and not wiping it out. That worked pretty well.

The second is a steel mesh half face mask. This is way better than wearing a paintball mask, because there is ventilation and your goggles don’t fog because of wearing this mask.

That is it for this week, so come back next weekend where I will write about my old loadout!

As always, leave any questions or comments below.
See you next weekend!

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