AR-15 Mag Review

This post will be another accessory review on my favorite airsoft AR-15 mags.

The first is the G&G high capacity mag that comes with most of their airsoft AR-15’s.

This mag holds around 300 rounds and feeds all the bb’s flawlessly (that is if you remember to wind the winding wheel at the base of the mag). I really like this mag.

The second is the Elite Force Mid capacity mag.

This one holds 140 rounds. I got 3 of these mags for my Lancer Tactical LT-102T MMC (Multi Mission Carbine) AR-15 with a 16 BPS (BB’s Per Second). It feeds with no misfires. Which is great.

 The third is the flash mag that came with the LT-102T MMC.

This mag was very fast in the winding and the feeding department until the string broke. 😦

Come back next weekend when I write about my loadout.
As always, leave any questions or comments below.
See you next weekend!

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