Tracer Unit Review

This week I will be reviewing a couple of tracer units that I got yesterday.

The first one that I will be reviewing is the Lancer Tactical CA-400 Airsoft Tracer unit.

If you don’t know what a tracer unit is let me explain what it is. What it does. It makes your glow in the dark bbs glow with sensors and basically a camera flash. This particular Tracer unit is a mock suppressor style tracer

Starting with the externals.

The build is made out of a lightweight and rather skinny aluminum. It has this groove taken out of it on the thread end that has the on/off button that is pretty cool.

Moving to the internals.

The internals are made out of plastic. This is where the four AAA battery’s are housed. I would highly recommend this Tracer unit from Lancer Tactical.

The second Tracer is the Valken Tracer magazine.

This is a flash mag but it doesn’t feed that well. I’m not even sure the Tracer part works.

 As always, leave any questions or comments below.
See you next weekend!

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