Floppy-flop-flippity-flop Gameplay

So this week is going to be about a flop airsoft game. Two people come to it, my dad with his Colt CQB full metal M4, one of my sisters who was using My Lancer Tactical LT-102T MMC M4, and myself, with my G&G CM16 SRS M4 equipped with a Vokul red dot sight on the top rail and my Sig Sauer P226 X5 CO2 blowback pistol with 2 extra mags.

My dad and my sister ganged up on me and pinned me down. Both of their airsoft guns shoot 20-60 FPS higher than my gun so they can out range me very well. 😦 On the stock of my gun there is this secret compartment that I store about 90 rounds of bbs in. My dad goes inside to reload and so I use that time to transfer the bbs in my stock into my mag. When my dad comes back out, I use those bbs on him until I run out of ammo, then I pull out my pistol and use that, even though I was out of range of him. I call myself out after I empty all 3 of my pistol mags. So they win.

As always, leave any questions or comments below (I like getting them 🙂 ), and see you next weekend!

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