Mostly ‘Capture the Flag’ Gameplay

This particular game was played on March 4, 2017.

The gun I was using was my G&G CM16 SRS M4. We played a total of four or five games, and all but one were capture the flag: the last game was ‘Death Match.’

In the first game, I had both teams go after the same flag, which I had placed in the middle of the field. So I blow the whistle, and run for the flag. I reach it, untie it, and bring it back to my team’s base, so winning the game.

We played this two more times until my gun “broke.” (Click here for more details)

The next game was ‘Team Death Match,’ and I was using my Beretta Elite II CO2 pistol (for a review of this gun, click here).

I decided to go through some dense bushes, and surprise some enemy guys. When I got about half-way through the bushes, one of the guys on the other team (who was using my Lancer Tactical LT-102T M4 with a 400 fps with 0.20g bbs) started shooting at me! But, because I was in the bushes, he did not ‘kill’ me.

Later on, he gets within 20 feet (about 6m) away from me, and I shot him in the head. He’s out. But now I’m out of ammo, and go to reload. On my way, a guy on the other team asked if I was out. I said I was out of ammo and he’s like, but you have your rubber knife, so I pulled it out and ‘stab’ him with it.

As always, leave any questions or comments below (I like getting them 🙂 ), and see you next weekend!

Also, for more info, check this out: Lancer Tactical & CYMA Reviews

Photo Credit: Google and Airsoft GI


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