Cheater Gameplay

February 18, 2017, 16:00-20:00.

Before supper, we played a partial team death match, and a game of ‘Civil War.’ The opposite team won the latter. 😦 We then went inside to warm up, and eat supper: hot dogs, Doritos, wavy original potato chips, and macaroni salad.

After supper we played ‘Team Death Match’ with one hit and you are out. During the first game of this style, my teammates and I were kinda pinned down, and I kinda cheated. I was the “Knot-hole Sprayer” and the “Overshooter” from the video entitled Ten Kinds of Airsoft Cheaters – I Am Number 3 by Novritsch.

Anyways, there is this 1-inch square taken out of the window of the back people door of our garage, and I could shoot people through it who were respawning. Correction: I was shooting people through it. There were two people in particular whom I kept getting out. For one of them, I forgot to select my fire selector to ‘semi,’ and I blasted him a couple times with full auto. 😐

During the last game we played (which was the same style as the other one), I was on the team with the “Full-auto Guy,” and another of my friends. I was surrendered twice, and surrendered 2 people two or three times. After surrendering them, I went to hunt down my best friend, and shoot him (he was on the opposite team). But I cheated, and pulled the ‘overshooter’ guy again. Which was really bad. My team won. I guess a little badly, though. *sheepish grin*

Come back next week, where I will write about my new ASG CZ P-09 airsoft pistol!

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