One-on-one Gameplay

The next game that I played was December 17, 2016. Although I had invited close to 20 people, only one arrived (highly discouraging). This guy was the same one I had surrendered in the last blog. For his primary gun, he used my new Elite Force RS-KP (a.k.a. AK-74), and my Beretta CO2 pistol as his secondary.

My primary gun was the Lancer Tactical LT-102T MMC, and my secondary was my new Smith and Wesson M&P9 (CO2 version).

I think we played a total of three game styles and drank hot chocolate that day. 🙂

The first game was “Death Match.” During that game, I got shot in the face. Ouch. And I learned that I am a very bad shot with my blowback CO2 pistol. It ended in a tie/draw.

The second was called “Civil War.” So how the game works, is that there are 2 teams, and they stand in lines 50 yards apart, facing each other. Team A sets their fire selector switches to ‘semi,’ while Team B holds their fire. Team A takes one shot, and steps forward. Team B does the same. Repeat until one team is eliminated. We tied though. 🙂

The third game we played was “Escort the VIP (or POW, Pilot, or whatever people call it) Back to Your Home Base.” My sister was the VIP. 🙂 I won that one.

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Until next Tuesday!


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