Gameplay of ‘Conquer the Fort’

DSC_4575 (1400x931)

I don’t know when today’s retold gameplay actually happened, but the game style was “conquer the fort.”

The “Full-Auto Guy” and I were on a team together against five or six other players who were armed with spring pistols.

We had our full-auto M4s.

I blow the whistle, and the game starts. We end up going to the same spot that has good cover to attack the fort, from about 30 feet away. I sneak up about 10 feet, lay down my M4, and draw my CO2 pistol.

The fort has a pit under it, and there is someone down there. He shoots the brush above my head. Close one! While he is cocking his pistols, I pop up and accidentally shoot him in the head. Next, I run up and point my pistol in the face of the guy who is above the guy I just shot. No, I don’t shoot him. Instead, I’m like, “SURRENDER!” And the guy’s like, “Ok.”

So the Full-auto guy and I won that game.

But then we had to defend the fort (with our CO2 pistols only). We lost. 😦 It’s harder to defend, I guess.

I also got shot in the head through a pretty dense bush!

If you have any questions, comments, OR STORIES ABOUT WHEN YOU’VE GOTTEN HIT IN THE FACE, OR THROUGH A BUSH, leave them in the comments section below!
See you next week! (as much as can be seen through a blog… 🙂 )



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