Creek and Respawn Gameplay

As I said two posts ago, I didn’t have any games for like three months after my gun broke. So I think we will pick up with the first gameplay after that period, which was in August.

The primary gun that I used was my Lancer Tactical LT102T Multi-Mission Carbine (MMC) that shoots around 400 fps, and about 14 bbs per second (bps). My secondary was the CYMA CM121 Desert Eagle style auto-electric pistol (AEP).

I think the game style was a simple team death match.

There is a creek (pronounced “krik,” like the first part of “Cricket”) that kinda borders the airsoft field, and I went down into the creek bed, and tried to suprise the other team, but the “full-auto guy” saw me when I came out, and shot me three times. 😦 So I’m out. I then had to go to the Respawn and wait out of the game for the required minute. While I was waiting, the “full-auto guy” runs up and hides behind a tree right in front of me.

Mind you, he is in plain sight to me.

But, by this time, my minute is up (unknown to him), and I draw my AEP and set the selector switch to “full auto.”

Then, I get the “full-auto guy” into my sights, and eliminate him, so that he has to go to the Respawn point, and wait a minute. After that, I go to help my teammates eliminate the other team.

I don’t remember if my team won that game, though. 😦 But we might’ve, I don’t know.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below! Don’t forget to follow us, there’s one on the left of this page, and also one at the bottom!! And there’s one that shoots up the right hand side of the screen and rests at the top!

See you next week!


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