Gun Repair: What Broke and How I Fixed the JG CQBR

So this week is going to be a little different. It’s going to be of a gun repair. As you could tell from the title. 🙂

So first, when repairing an airsoft M4, check your warranty. If you’re gun is still covered under the warranty, the store should either replace the gun or repair it for free. If that doesn’t apply, go to step 2:

Watch YouTube videos on how to disassemble your specific gun, then do it.

What I did with the JG CQBR (mentioned in last week’s blog) was, first, checking with the retailer as mentioned in step one. Then, being it wasn’t covered under the warranty, I disassembled it.

First, I removed the upper receiver, then took off the stock and unscrewed the buffer tube. Next, I had to take the motor out of the pistol grip, before taking that off. Then I had to take off the mag catch and punch out a small pin that goes through the gearbox.

The gearbox was the problem, so I took it out and tried to fix it.

So, gearboxes are a pain to disassemble. My gearbox  had a total of like 9 or 10 screws in it. I removed those, and put a screwdriver into where the buffer tube was screwed into the gearbox. Then, while putting pressure on the screwdriver, I lifted and separated the gearbox, and released pressure on the spring. I opened the gearbox more than five times before purchasing a new one.

I sold this gun to a friend about four months after I fixed it.

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Get out there and play some airsoft, and don’t forget to call your hits. (Airsoftology! Check out their YouTube channel)
As always guys, see you next Tuesday!

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