Mountain Gameplay and Other Early 2016 Gameplays

Recap of the first part of 2016: I played – I think – about three games from January through July. Not very many, but I was having some serious gun problems, which are explained in my first two blogs.

The first game was before I put up boundaries (spray paint on trees), and my field is right next to a mountain.

This one scene flashes into my mind, where my team is at the base of the mountain and the other team is about half-way up, shooting at us. This was my first game playing with my JG CQBR, and it was a blast. Then my team and I started attacking the other team, and moving up the mountain. The “full-auto guy” on the other team doesn’t have much battery left at this point, so he is only using semi-auto.

We get kinda close, and then the other team races back down the mountain, and it takes us “chickens” about 20 to 30 minutes to get back down and find them again (I ended up blowing my whistle to end the game, because we could not find them 🙂 ).

The third game was March 5th, and it was the game that broke my gun.

But let’s back up: The week before, I went to a friend’s birthday party, and played airsoft there. I had some gun problems then, and thought it was the battery connection, but it wasn’t: it was the gearbox. I got that fixed, and ended up selling it to one of my friends.

Fast forward.

I was shooting at the “full-auto guy” and my gun just stopped shooting, so I finished the time with a friend’s sniper rifle.

To find out what broke and how I fixed it, check back next week!

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As always guys, see you next Tuesday!

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