Tarp and Barrel Gameplay

Ok, so funny story from an airsoft game I had in November 2015:

I had my R33 spring airsoft rifle, and one of my friends had his full auto M4. There were about six of us playing, and I had a pretty good hiding spot behind some 55 gallon drums and under a tarp. My friend with the M4 comes around the corner and doesn’t see me. Then, once I get my sights on him, I shoot him in the back. He turns around and tries to shoot me with his M4, and I’m like, “Oh, no you don’t. Don’t you even think of pulling that trigger.”

By this time, I have a bb in the chamber (I had cocked), and I shoot him again (at that time, when you got shot three times at my field you were out of the game for two minutes).

So that’s two hits for him, and no hits for me. Yay!

Then he pulls out his spring-powered sidearm and tries to shoot me with it. But I ducked behind the drums and he shoots the tarp. I cock my gun, pop up, and shoot him again.

Three hits for him, and none (or one) for me. He’s out.

Then I go tell my teammates that he’s out, and that we have two minutes to eliminate the rest of the other team. I think we ended up taking more than two minutes, and we lost. Aarrgh!

We switched up teams and  I ended up on the team with the M4 guy, which was epicly cool. That time it was a tie.

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