My First Gameplays

In 2013, I held my first airsoft game with spring pistols. I invited my friends over to a wood stacking party (where we would stack our firewood), and told them to bring their spring pistols (at this time, all of my friends were just starting out as well). So, when we were done stacking wood, we pulled out our spring pistols, loaded them up with 6mm plastic 0.12g bbs, and started out with a simple game of team death match.

I remember that one of my friends (who was on the opposite team), and I both whipped around the same corner, and shot each other with 325 fps (feet per second) pistols at point blank range. Both of us said, “Ouch! That really hurt!” But it was fun back in those dark ages.

I didn’t have many airsoft games that year.

Sometime in 2013 or 14, I was invited to a friend’s birthday party in November, and was told to bring my airsoft pistol and eye protection. So I did.

While the game was in session, someone on the opposite team hit me in the legs (I was about 11 at this point, and was wearing skinny pants [slim straights]). And I was out of that game. My friend eventually got the person out, though, so that was good.

Note: Never wear skinny pants while playing airsoft. It kinda–not kinda, it did–hurt.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments below if you liked this type of blog, and any airsoft stories you have.

As always, see you next Tuesday!

Airsoft Gameplay: Airsoft game, war, whatever you call it.


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