G&G CM16 Gun Review & Funny Story


The next airsoft gun I bought, and am going to be reviewing in today’s blog, is the G&G CM16 series SRS model. This gun costs $215 (technically $214.99 🙂 ). It’s big brother is the SRL, and comes in at around $250. It’s even bigger brother is the SRXL, that costs around $275 (I think).

So, starting with the externals of this gun:

The upper and lower receivers are made of a high-quality nylon reinforced polymer. The keymod rail system is made of CNC machined aluminum, and is very lightweight. Also, the mag is intense–it holds 300 rounds (bbs), and the outside looks (and feels) very good and comfortable. The SCAR style threaded flash hider is very cool as well.

Moving to the internals:

It comes with a standard version 2 gearbox with an electronic trigger unit (ETU), and an in-line MOSFET programmable chip for a 3-shot burst. Is this gun the best bang for your buck? Yes, I think it is.

Another funny story:

This month I was playing this airsoft game at my friend’s birthday party with the G&G CM16 SRS. The game style was “Capture the flag.” I ran through the trees, headed for the flag. I shot one opponent, and then my gun stopped shooting. (When the battery is dead, the ETU system kills the power to the gun, even when you pull the trigger. This is what happened to me.) My battery was dead. Then I call myself out, and go replace the battery for what I thought was a fresh battery. After I got it all hooked up, I fired the gun a few times. It stopped shooting again. Oh, stink. My gun broke, I thought. So I laid down my gun and pulled out my CO2 pistol, and finished the game. When I got home, I tested the gun with an actual full battery, and it worked. Yay! [Whew.]

The next day, after watching an Airsoftology video on YouTube, I figured out that my battery was dead weeks before I played the game. The video said that NIMH batteries go dead after a couple of weeks of just sitting. So, always make sure your battery is fresh before your next game.

I’d love to hear your comments below!

See you next Tuesday, where I’ll talk about my new SIG SAUER P226 X5 airsoft pistol!

Airsoft terms used in this post:

Flash Hider: The orange tip on the muzzle of the gun. (It’s black in the picture above, but orange on my gun.) Threaded flash hider: this means that it has screw-type threads on it, to screw on such things as a mock suppressor, silencer, or tracer unit.

Keymod Rail System: This is a rail system that has little holes in it, where you can buy rail segments (i.e. flashlight and laser mounts) that fit in these holes. In the picture above, this is in front of the grips around the barrel — and it also runs along the top — although that is ridges instead of holes. The top ridged part houses sights, mainly.

Mag: Magazine. The thing that holds bbs.

MOSFET: Please use google. 🙂

Rounds: Bbs. The things that shoot out of your gun.

SCAR: Type/brand of gun.

Photo Credit: Airsoft GI and Google.


9 thoughts on “G&G CM16 Gun Review & Funny Story

    1. Yeah I would. I’ve owned this gun for about a year now and it hasn’t broke yet so that is good. Also if you didn’t want one this short, G&G make two other sizes of this gun that are a little bit longer.


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