My Beginning Journey with Airsoft

I think my cousin was the one who started me out, when I was 7 or 8 years old. The gun he let me use was a World War II grease gun, and I didn’t get anyone out because I didn’t know to release the mag spring catch to load the bbs.

So I was just dry firing the whole game. 🙂

My cousin and brother who were playing with me had a good laugh.

In 2012, my parents got the whole family a set of four airsoft spring pistols. We played some games in our backyard for a short time after that. But the only people that I could play with were my six older sisters, (I have five older brothers too, but they don’t live at home. Yeah, big family.) and they weren’t into it like I was.

Then in 2014, I had enough money to buy my own airsoft gun! It was a $30 spring-powered shotgun bought at Kmart. Unfortunately, sometime after Christmas that year, I lost it.

In November of 2015, one of my friends got his first airsoft M4 assault rifle. So, I had to get a better gun than a spring pistol to play against him with. So, I bought a $25 spring R33 rifle from Cabela’s. Then I played a game with said friend after I got this gun, and found out that it wasn’t as great as I thought: my friend’s gun was fully automatic (he could fire a lot of bbs by just pulling the trigger), and mine was spring (I had to cock it every time I wanted to shoot one bb).

In other words, his gun was faster.

So to remedy that fact, I went looking on Airsoft Megastore’s website, and found a JG M4 CQBR in a pre-black Friday sale (me not knowing that this gun and brand don’t work well). For this gun, it cost $112 (originally almost $200). Then I play two games with it, and it breaks on me.

By this time, my warranty was up.

So I had to spend roughly $72 on a new gearbox.

In May of 2016, I purchased another JG branded gun from Airsoft Station. To make a long story short, I ended up sending this gun back 3 or 4 times, before eventually getting store credit and buying a way better gun, which I will talk about in a later blog.

Well, there you’ll have it, folks! I will try to post weekly, so check back! Thanks for reading!


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